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(Banjara Religious Persons) Religious Persons of Lambadi

Sant Shree Sevalal Maharaj was born on 15.02.1739, on this Holy Land, to parents Shree Bhima Nayak and Dharmini Yaadi (Mother). At this time this location was popularly known as Ramagundam or Ramji Nayak Tanda (Ramji Nayak is Grand-father of SevaBhaya Ji, who came to this location with 360 families of his Tanda and about 4000 loaded cattles).......
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A Brief Story of Baba Hathi Ram Ji
Baba Haathiram Ji was North-Indian by birth. He came down to South. In Tirupati, he constructed a small Math and settled. Every day he used to worship the Lord of the Seven Hills.
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