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Banjara origin

Persons are buried alive without recognition, in the same way the society is also buried without history, but no nation is without history. The Indignity of any nation is based on the life of tribes who lived on the earth. The Indian history goes back around 4500 BC, which begins with the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro fossils to prove the community which lived on the bank of sindh river of Himalayan range.
Banjara is the community which originate from this base to prove that they are the first reprehensive of this country. To begin with their life banjaras used to trade on the pack of bullocks. They used to traverse from the Himalayan range to the far of countries like mesopotomia (Iraq), their trade route was full of forest and no route was traced on the way back from their trade. In order to come and join their original place banjaras used tag the red flag on the roof trees in the forest.
The Aryan who raided the sindh base (Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro ) has followed the flag of the trade route. This clue gave the Aryans to damage the original culture of the banjaras. Aryans who never knew the culture of india, forced the tribes to exchange their language. The banjaras who speaks devanagary script (originally pali language),has given the original base to the present “Sanskrit” the gods language. The fight between Aryans and tribes of sindh base the exchange of language and culture ,driven away the original people. The fossils of harrappa and mahenjodaro prove that the script, the bull, pots and the haveli (buildings) were belonging to banjaras. There is the similarity of tanda culture and harappa and mahenjodaro culture which happens to be the same.

The history exposes that the base of sindh and the people living there, got vanished hence no trace of history is available. There may not be the written history about banjaras, but the live example today at tanda speaks of the original tradition of india.
SUBSEQUENT invasion by portagese 25 lachnic ruler and british, branded the banjaras as thieves and criminals, and the banjara traders wave cultured their secluded living refrained the culture and language in fact the economically conditions made them slames and indentured labours.

The gypsies of Europe were the people of Indian banjara taken away by alezender. Hence till today gypsies does not have permanent settlement. They are fighting for their rights and still under wandering stats.
The banjara history is like a fossils, which needs microspic steady to understand their origin. The efforts of organize different events to gather the facts and convince them that they are the indigenous people of India.
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